Operation Dogfish

There has been a recent rise in the number of shed/garage and stable burglaries in our rural areas. As members of Neighbourhood Watch I would be grateful if the following points could be disseminated to your Watches and other organisations such as Parish Councils which you may be a member of. Any assistance is appreciated. 

Target hardening , in order to make it more difficult for the opportunist thief, look to upgrading padlocks, fitting internal bolts to vulnerable buildings, making sure shed/garage doors are fit for purpose. Consider CCTV, alarms or disable items such as ride on mowers when not in use. 

Identification , please ensuring that you have a record of serial numbers, make/model numbers, photographs of distinguishing marks relating to the kinds of property that are being stolen for example : ride-on lawn mowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, chainsaws and other such valuable items 

Contacting the Police – If you witness such an offence or have information which you feel may be of use to the investigation team please call Kent Police on 101 or if it is a crime in action or an emergency 999. 

When you make contact with the Police regrading such crimes please quote “Operation Dogfish”  

When calling 101 – please ensure that when members of Neighbourhood Watch call Kent Police using the 101 system that they clearly identify themselves as members of Neighbourhood Watch to the call handler and ask for the call to be “tagged” for the attention of Neighbourhood Watch.  

This will ensure that any incidents reported by Neighbourhood Watch are brought to the attention of the South East Kent Coordinator who can make any necessary follow up calls.

Please pass this message as widely as possible amongst your Neighbourhood Watch contacts.

Please also note : calls to 101 (from both landlines and mobile networks) cost 15 pence per call, no matter what time of day you call, or how long you are on the phone. The 15p cost of the call goes to the telephony providers to cover the cost of carrying the calls.